Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Bartonville Illinois

Our company aims to make your current kitchen cabinets look better than new. We make this possible by taking the time to carry out the proper prep work and practicing correct application techniques together with applying the best coatings on the market.

Let’s give your cabinets a proper update with a stunning and durable coating.

Why Cabinet Painting & Refinishing?

Increased Home Value

Home buyers are paying attention to the kitchen. Professional cabinet painting and refinishing is a smart investment that pays for itself when done correctly.

Save On Your Investment

There is no need to throw away 20k on new kitchen cabinets. See better results at a much lower cost than installing new cabinets or refacing.

Love Your Kitchen Again

What do new kitchens, remodeled kitchens, and all the homes on HGTV have in common? Beautifully painted kitchen cabinets.

Enjoy a Better Kitchen

Revitalizing worn-out kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive and convenient job. A stunning kitchen cabinet remodel is quite obtainable with a high-quality wood coating – a project best suited for an experienced cabinet refinishing company like us since it requires a lot of steps.

many homeowners want to create a aesthetic kitchen, and refinishing the old cabinets is where we recommend beginning. Hiring an professional cabinet refinisher is always recommended when you strive to achieve the greatest results.

Some homeowners who are tired of their old kitchen cabinets will have them completely removed and replaced with new kitchen cabinets. But, giving new life to stale kitchen cabinets does not need to break the bank because when done professionally, refinishing your existing kitchen cabinets can serve as a cheap and individualized solution for your remodeling needs.

A Powerful Yet Affordable Way To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Imagine your kitchen style entirely improved with brilliant colors that light up your kitchen. You can reap the end results from a full upgrade of your kitchen at a fraction of the typical cost by selecting expert cabinet refinishers like our company.

Your kitchen is the middle of family gatherings. Due to this, with time, stained kitchen cabinets will start to show aging. Replacing all of the kitchen cabinets is a first thought for many, requiring the assistance of a professional cabinet installer, which costs a lot more than simply refinishing or painting. Replacing entire cabinets also requires that you change the entire layout of the kitchen, which translates to valuable time away from the kitchen. Alternatively, you can get similar benefits of new cabinets at a more reasonable price by having them expertly painted or refinished.

A Long Lasting Wood Coating Will Save You Money

One of the greatest obstacles homeowners face when they choose to paint or refinish the cabinets on their own is assuming that this is an easy DIY paint job. They fail to understand the time and preparation work that a cabinet painting project requires.

Using an experienced, professional cabinet painting contractor can make the process essentially painless. So hire more than a handyman, hire a professional!

A fresh, new paint job or stain for your kitchen will not only make your kitchen look like new, but it will also save you valuable time and money when done expediently by qualified experts. That’s what you can expect when selecting our company.

Don’t Just Get a Handyman, Get  an Expert Kitchen Cabinet Refinisher

Kitchen cabinet refinishing or painting will look terrific if completed properly by an accomplished home contractor and it is the least expensive and most effective way of revitalizing your old and dated cabinets.

To clarify , this process does not just require a quick paint job the cabinets and calling it done. An inadequate job may give you a temporary color change, but this will not only cause a maintenance issue down the road, but your cabinet coating will also degrade quicker – a situation that will require removing the existing coating and redoing entirely. So trust the experts!